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Braava Pads Vacuum

The braava pads vacuum is perfect for irobot jet m6 vacuum cleaners. It is easy to use and is perfect for cleaningups and drying things out. It is also a greatmopad for holding things while you clean them.

10 X Mopping Pads Fit For IRobot Braava 240 241 Vacuum Clean

Top Braava Pads Vacuum Reviews

This is a new braava pads vacuum. It iscrucial that the braava 380t floor cleaners newondon seeps into settings and keeps your work area clean and fresh. The microfiber pads take care of any debris quickly and easily. How does it work? the microfiber pads get medium hold and the braava vacuum is then able to take up residence inside the braava pads. This creates an even battle between the braava vacuum and the debris created by the rotaryvac.
this is a vacuum cleaner accessories for irobot braava 240 and 241 vacuum cleaner. The pads are made of 100% organic cotton and will help to keep your vacuum cleaner clean and free ofutterment.
this is a vacuum cleaner vacuum mopping cloth mop pads replacement for the irobot braava jet240 241 vacuum cleaner.